Chains and Trains, Pt. 1

This is part one of a series of posts I will be making as I attend the North Carolina Bike Summit in Charlotte, NC.

A News & Observer Road Worrier blog post discussed the vagaries of bicycle signage in North Carolina, namely “Share the Road” signs and sharrows. According to George Hess, a professor at North Carolina State University, “Share the road” signs are somewhat confusing to motorists and cyclists alike. Some even interpret them as putting the burden on cyclists to yield to cars. I was pleasantly surprised, then, to find this less ambiguous sign on the way to the station this morning.

I hope they use this sign design more in the future. I would prefer if they were a little larger, though.

Related works:
Hess, G. Peterson, N. (2015) “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” Signage Communicates U.S. Roadway Rules and Increases Perception of Safety.” PLOS ONE.

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